I've worked in fitness my whole life, teaching my first fitness class at 13 years old. I fell in love with fitness and the way it made me feel. It took away all emotional pain or struggles, even if just for that hour. It also helped me manage my anxiety and emotions. I spent my younger years fighting against my body because I looked different than other girls. As I aged, I learned to love my shape and appreciate my muscle. Fitness helped me see how strong is beautiful and gave me confidence to stand tall in the body I was born with.

7 years ago I was working in a gym and thought I was the picture of health, but on the inside my body was struggling. I was diagnosed with PCOS at my doctors visit and told I needed surgery and to be on birth control to shrink the cysts that were growing on my ovaries. My bloodwork also indicated my kidneys were strained from too much animal protein, working long hours, and over exercising. I got kidney stones every few years once I was 17 years old. Most afternoons, I would fight to not fall asleep because my energy was so low. I would nap for hours and pound caffeine to function. I had chronic joint pain and inflammation where my body always looked puffy no matter what. It also was challenging for me to lose weight. I would spend hours over-exercising and I would look in the mirror and see a puffy, tired body. I left my doctors office that day crying feeling scared and hopeless. I didn’t want surgery and refused to take the birth control because it had always given me horrible side effects in the past. I started to research natural ways to heal the kidneys and PCOS. I did Acupuncture, took supplements, and tried to change my lifestyle, workouts, and even added meditation!

All research I did pointed me towards a plant based diet. I was a heavy animal protein eater and couldn’t imagine going plant based. My eating habits were such a huge part of my heritage and routine. I tried everything but that! I thought “I am an athlete - what would I eat for protein?” I would meditate and get messages that I needed to give up animal protein. Slowly I started to just try to explore one or two plant based meals a week and bought cook books to try new plant based recipes. I started to listen to my body and do shorter workouts that were targeted and easy on my adrenals. On my 40th birthday, I ate my last piece of meat & poultry.

I created a workout program to heal the body and over the course of 2 years several plant based meals a week turned into a full time lifestyle. I started to crave more plant based meals and stayed in tune with my body. After 1 year of a plant based I went back to my doctor and there was no sign of PCOS, my pain and inflammation was gone, I hadn’t had any kidney stones, and my blood work was better than ever, I lost 20lbs, and my energy was through the roof!

I healed myself with food & intuitive exercise. Our body whispers to us what it needs and if we don’t listen it gets louder and louder. What’s your body telling you? I have dedicated my life to helping others heal their body through my short targeted workouts & plant based meals.


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